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a traditional Japanese art in which flowers and plants are specially arranged in a vase

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Ikebana and Kajiinomiyagoryu


Ikebana is a traditional Japanese art in which flowers and plants are specially arranged in a vase. It can express the view of nature such as the seasons, weather, etc., and can take a look at the person who can go on. And also Ikebana brings out the individuality and beauty of the flowers themselves to the utmost and makes them more brilliant. Ikebana has unique aesthetic sense of Japan. You may better understand Japanese culture by learning Ikebana.


There are many styles in Ikebana. Kjiinomiyagoryu is the oldest of them. kajiinomiya means Prince Kajii, and Goryu means the school of Ikebana. The original Kajiinomiyagoryu comes from kajii Sanzenin Monseki ( a temple whose high priest is a member of the imperial family ) located in Kyoto Ohara. This school has been around more than 500 years. Kajiinomiyagoryu has both a continuous “classic style” and a “modern style”. Both styles express the beautiful lives of flowers. The late 20th Headmaster decided the classic style should be protected for it’s simplicity. And also We arrange the modern style of Ikebana without rules and with free expression. Students learn both styles throughout their training.


one of the oldest Ikebana style in Japan

Socho Fujiwara Profile

Socho Fujiwara was born the eldest daughter of the late Headmaster of Kajiinomiyagoryu.

2004 Socho Fujiwara became the 21st Headmaster of Kajiinomiyagoryu.

2005 An exhiition was held in Yokohama Sankeien memorializing the succession of the Headmaster.

2008 An exhibition for the 10th anniversary of Sanzenin Kannon temple was hold in Kyoto Ohara.

2014 The 10th anniversary of the succession to the Headmaster was hold at Sanzenin in Kyoto.

2016 Socho Fujiwara arranged the NEW YEAR’s flowers at Sankeien Kakushokaku in Yokohama.

Socho Fujiwara also attends various exhibitions and collaborates with different businesses throughout Japan.

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